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Ya Salam Cooking has had a great year in the blogging world I have to admit. This is my third year blogging and I love it so much more now that I know what to do and expect a bit more. This year has been filled with so much culture and food. What more could a foodie ask for? The top 5 recipes filled the slots with a landslide this year. The following top 5 of 2010 are in order of the over all popularity they gained.

It defiantly shows that my readers come here for my Arabic dishes over all others. Most of my recipes are Arabic dishes but I have never sold myself to just one theme as I love all of the foods from all over the world equally. After all that is why my slogan is "The world is at your fingertips'. Because you can easily browse recipes from all over the world right here at Ya Salam Cooking. I will be adding many more unique Arabic dishes for you all this upcoming here so stay tuned.

1. Chicken Mandy
This recipe has over 3,000 page views in just the last 6 months alone.

2. Lamb Kabsa
Lamb Kabsa was closely following the Mandy by only a few hundred less views.

3. Cheese Kunafa
This Arabic classic held its own this year.

4. Chicken Kabsa
Surprisingly enough this all time favorite got half the views of the lamb kabsa.

5. Cream Kunafa
And last but certainly not least in the ever so delicious creme kunafa.

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