Jun 7, 2010

Lot 10 Huntong

My family and I went to the mall Lot 10 next to our hotel and found the most amazing food court on earth. I have no idea what I will do when we have to go back to the same old boring food courts they have in Riyadh. This food court is about as posh as it gets. Everything is clean and modern. You will find all kinds of authentic Asian stands such as Japanese, Thai, Korean and Malaysian. My husband and I liked it so much we have went for lunch the past two days and got the Thai both times. Here are some pictures of the hutong as well as our lunch. I honestly do not know how the people of Malaysia do it because I would be so fat and happy to get that way. The food is just to good for words and cheap at that.

3 fabulous comments:

  1. muslimah4peaceJun 9, 2010 10:49 AM

    Aslamu Alaikum
    thanks 4 the yummy food pictures, it must be so nice to be able to take pictures so easily while out, I always feel I have to act like undercover servalance out here just to take holiday snaps!

  2. You should be careful ..It might not be halal because it is operated by non-muslim

  3. The place would say halal or not. This place did not serve pork even :) Lets hope anyway :p


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