Nov 5, 2009

Canned Biscuit Doughnuts

Growing up I have fond memories of my grandmother making these doughnuts for my cousins and I. We always thought she knew everything to be able to make us some yummy doughnuts out of a can of biscuits. I love this recipe its easier and taste better then other homemade doughnuts. And you can do whatever you would like as far as toppings go. And as if it did not get any better these babies actually get softer the next day. They remind me of Krispy Kreme, soft and delicious. They may look small but when they start frying they get pretty big even the small holes as well. I found the best thing that works for making the holes after digging around my kitchen for awhile was the end of a cake decorating tip. These are really good rolled in a mixture of sugar or cinnamon.

1 (10 pack) canned biscuits
1 cup sunflower oil for frying

1.In a 9-inch skillet on medium heat add oil and allow to become hot.

2.On a large cutting board carefully lay biscuits out piece by piece. Cut a hole in the center on each biscuit and sit hole dough aside. Place each biscuit into oil, watching at all times. As soon as dough becomes golden flip it. When both sides are golden allow to drain on a paper towel.

Yields: 10 + 10 holes

9 fabulous comments:

meeso said...

Woah, I love this! Great idea... your grandma is a genius :) I have got to try this!

NeverEver said...

these have always been my favorite to make... so easy!

i just stick my finger through the middle, lol.

Noor said...

Meeso I agree :) I hope to share a lot of her stuff, I have tons. And they are all different that's how us Southerners roll lol.

Never that will work as well hehe

NeverEver said...

lol, yay for southerners!!!! :-P

Feride said...

I cant wait to try this, maybe this weekend!

Noor said...

That's right yay for the south :)

Feride I can not wait to hear all about them..

umm2adam said...

nice! i love doughnuts!
i live in the uk, but could you please tell me what canned biscuits are? is it like a ready made dough?

jazak allah khair in advance samantha.

Noor said...

Samantha this must be a term us Americans use bc my friend from the UK asked the same thing :)

Canned biscuits are the biscuit dough in a can that you bake to have ready made biscuits. So yes just the dough in a can :).. Any type or size will work.

umm2adam said...

jazak allah khair sister, great inshallah will try them very soon!

will let you know how they turned out.