Sep 5, 2009

Smooth Sweet Tea

When I had first came across this recipe I was a bit taken back by the adding of baking soda as it’s not a thing we do in the South and as you know Sweet Tea is a Southern tradition. But with over 300 great reviews I had to give it a try. As soon as I took my first sip I was sold and knew I would never make sweet tea any other way. Since trying this recipe I have told everyone in my family how to get the best sweet tea with just a secret dash. Now that I am abroad I do not have to crave my momma’s sweet tea anymore because I can make even better myself.

1/4 teaspoon baking soda
2 cups boiling water
6 regular sized tea bags
3/4 cup white sugar
6 cups cool water

1. In a 2-quart saucepan boil 2 cups water. Remove pan from heat and place teabags and baking soda. Allow to steep for 15 minutes. Throw tea bags in trash and add sugar, stir until dissolved. In a pitcher add cold water then pour tea mixture in pan, mix. Refrigerate.

6 fabulous comments:

Jaz said...

Baking Soda? Well I'll take your word for it, it actually looks quite nice - will give it a go. By the way your blog is fantastic, good work!

Noor said...

Thanks so much for the nice comment. Yes please try it and then tell me what you think. I thought the same but I have been making this daily its so perfect now..

Kennard Yamada said...

We have been using a Black & Decker Iced Tea maker for years and have never really been able to make GOOD iced tea at home. We tried your recipe today and it's perfect! It's the best iced tea we've ever had (living in Chattanooga, TN that's saying a lot). Needless to say, the B&D Iced Tea "machine" is going in the trash.

Noor said...

Kennard wow your really close I grew up in Rhea County about 45 mins, away from you. My grandma used to have one of those machines as well and never liked the tea. After I tried this recipe with the baking soda I was hooked as well and for the first time had the perfect tea. Thanks so much for taking the time to comment. :)

Anonymous said...

I have tried making sweet tea for my son for forever and it never quite made him happy... until now! It was a hit! I'll be making it like this from now on. Thanks!

Noor said...

YAY I am so glad you found a recipe that he liked. This tea sure is a keeper huh? :)