Hawayil, Kholengan and Shaiba Leaves

I just love spices and since I have been in Saudi Arabia, I have been learning about spices that I never even knew existed. My mother in law gave me some and I bought the rest at this cute little outdoor souk last week. A. Hawayil Spice blend from Yemen B. Kholengan C. Shaiba Leaves also from Yemen D. And the last picture is called Habek Mint. Saudis put this in their tea, it is amazing. I have heard mixed opinions about this. Some say it’s from the mint family while others say its from the basil family, either way its really good in your tea.


  1. Kelly2/04/2009

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  2. Kelly2/04/2009

    I would LOVE to find these things in the US!! Especially the leaves for in tea. Alas, if anyone knows a place, please let me know : )


  3. Maris2/05/2009

    I love discovering new foods and ingredients too!

  4. ♥ Arab Mania ♥7/04/2009

    Wooow mashalla, i recognise only galangal bas the others....i didn't know ! Thanks for giving us this tip


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