Dec 17, 2008

I missed you all!

What a wild ride I have had everyone in the past few weeks. I have to apologize for not being online but we have yet to get internet where we are staying and as you know with any move you are super busy but just imagine a move on the other side of the world! Can you imagine how tired we have been?

But on the bright side I really like it here in Saudi Arabia. It is nothing like people say it is or what they think what so ever. I am not sure what it is that people think but when I said we were moving here people looked at me like I was crazy. It is actually very nice here in Riyadh where we are. There are so many things here to do and the malls wow the ones in the states can not compare to the malls here. They are so nice everyone. I got tired from walking in the one we went to yesterday, that’s how huge they are. Everything is so classy and nice and wow stores I have never even heard of before with all the latest fashions. And there are so many things for kids to do everywhere so as a mom I love that a lot. I love living in a Muslim country. From our house we are close to three different mosques so I can hear the call to prayer from all three five times a day, I love it. I am just really happy here, so I am thankful.

But guess what else they have here? The food you all OH MY GOSH! Everywhere you go is more and more food. You can not even open your windows without the rush of delicious smelling food filling your home. They eat way more here then in the states and hey I did not know that was possible! I have been getting so many recipes for you all and I finally got my camera cord so I will be having pictures again so that’s always good news. I can not wait to share my new recipes with you all on my journeys.

Thanks so much for all the emails and kind thoughts you all have sent my way, it’s always a pleasure to have made such nice acquaintances in the blogging world.

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Umm Hibaat said...

And we've missed you!

Good to have you blogging again and "ahlan wa sahlan" (welcome) to Saudi Arabia! :)


strangerinthisdunya said...

Assalaamu alaikum,

Insha'Allah you have settled well into Riyadh life. Please email me on [email protected] I can't find your email address!

Umm Ibrahim