Dec 17, 2008

Coffee in “The Kingdom”

Finding American coffee here in Saudi is like trying to find gold, nearly impossible. Finally after much searching I found some at a European grocer. They call drip pot coffee “filter coffee” here. I was so excited when I found that can but sadly when I got home it tasted so weak and as if it had been sitting on the shelf for about 100 years. Luckily my husband did find a store that grinds fresh coffee for you and he has me some grinded fresh, wow you should smell it. The only coffee people drink here is Saudi coffee (which taste like water and cardamom, because they use green coffee beans instead of roasted ones), Turkish coffee (ahh, I do love my Turkish coffee and my father in law bought me a freshly ground bag that does taste amazing) and this was rather funny to me but instant coffee. Yes, instant coffee that is all you can find in the grocery stores and not just a few cans all kinds. That is just what Arabs like, instant. I like Instant coffee as well but all the ones here are different and different tasting than the ones in America. Well, the ones I have tasted so far anyway.

I love the way coffee is served here, well anything for that matter. People here really take on trying to serve things in a pleasing manner especially your coffee and tea. So far my favorite places for coffee has been “The Tea and Coffee Pot” located in Granada Mall. (I just love this place it is so cut but the presentation of the coffee is so nice but better yet the American coffee taste amazing, just like I love it), Oop’s I forget the name of the other place that I like but its only a small stand that sells snacks and coffee in Granada Mall, located upstairs in the food court. They have pretty good coffee but here in Saudi at most places American coffee is just a shot of espresso with a shot of water, so sometimes that is to strong for me because in the end in still taste like espresso to me. That is the same things that Starbucks and many coffee chains in the USA do as well when you order Americano coffee so heads up. I have taken some pictures for your enjoyment of my coffee before I slurped it down so hey I hope you enjoy hehe.

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Umm Hibaat said...

Instant??? Oh dear! You're in the wrong place! We have loads of great coffee and cafe's here in Jeddah. Come down and check it out! :) Do you want me to send you some???