Aug 8, 2008

Todai Restaurant

11750 Fair Oaks Mall #135
Fairfax, VA, 22033, USA
Tel: 703-273-0120

Do you like Japanese food? Do you like sushi? Well, if you do then I have just the place for you.

Some time ago my husband and I ran across Todai Restaurant in the Fair Oaks mall located in Fairfax, VA. Sadly they were closing so we were not able to dine at that time. But just by looking in the window I was highly intrigued. The place looked amazing (very modern), large and well honestly everyone eating there was Asian (if you go to a restaurant and see the people from that culture dining there you just know it is good).

Surprisingly enough our hotel is located right across the street from Fair Oaks mall but I had forgot all about Todai and wanting to try it. A few days ago while shopping in the mall we were famished and looking for a place to eat and guess what we came across? Yes, you guessed right “Todai”.

This place was even better then I had suspected. Todai’s has a never ending amount of food laid out for you. Yes, it is a buffet style restaurant. And for me to say a buffet style restaurant is good (well, it is) because I am just not a buffet kind of girl. You will find a raw sushi bar, a cooked sushi bar (and yes this is all fresh and made while you watch) and out of everything Todai’s has to offer my favorite of course was the dessert area. They were all so amazingly unique and elegant. Everything was made into these cute tiny bites and tasted incredible. I wanted the recipe for everything. And at $15 a person well it is a steal as well.

Grade: A

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