Aug 26, 2008


Wow sorry I have been gone so long everyone but I’ve been having some technical difficulties with my wireless card in my laptop. Meaning the only way on is dial up and well I just can not deal with that (I know I need some patience). But my lap top is off to be fixed so soon I should be back in action as usual.

Now how lucky am I, I was fortunate enough to get not one but two awards this week. I am sorry it took me so long to get them posted ladies, please forgive me.

1. My Household capers passed along the ‘Best Blog Dart Thinkers’ award to me. You all just have to check her blog out. She has such a beautiful mix of recipes.

2. Yummy Foods which is also a fabulous blog that I love has passed on this humble 'Wylde Woman Award' to me.

I am awarding these awards to all of my fellow bloggers because I love each and every one of your blogs. I enjoy reading them and each one of you is so very different and special. So please take one and add it to your blog.

I just love getting these awards from you all because it really makes it all so special, thanks ladies!

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