G7 3 in 1 coffee

When it comes to coffee I am defiantly what you call optimistic. I just love everything about coffee. I am always in search of a new coffee or some new appliance to make it in. If you know anymore that I should try please let me know!

Today my family and I went to the Asian grocer and when buying tea I noticed their large coffee section (which was very LARGE but all instant). After looking for one to buy I decided upon G7 3 in 1. It is a box that contains coffee packets. You basically put one packet into your cup with 85 ml of boiling water and mix. This coffee is called 3 in 1 because it already has the coffee, sugar and cream. And the price is VERY cheap.

I have tried several instant coffees none being to good but wow I was incredibly amazed when I got home and tried this very coffee. I felt as of though I made a fresh cup with my coffee pot. I am so flabbergasted by this coffee and will be buying much more in the future.

* G7 3 in 1 coffee you get an A

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  1. Noor5/17/2008

    I too wasn't a big fan of instant coffee until I tried the Nescafe they sell in KSA. It's so delicious, and they have decaf too.

    I wonder if they sell that coffee here. I'll have to look for it in sha' Allah. :)


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