Red Velvet Cake

I saw a beautiful cake on TV a few months ago that was made into this half circle. They used a steel bowl to bake it in. I bought Wilton's ball cake pan to achieve this look because it is a lot smaller, when you live in a house of two adults baking a huge cake is just wasteful. I love the idea of making a cake this shape because the decorating you can do is just amazing and unique. For this cake I made a traditional red velvet inside with a cream cheese frosting. I used a star tip to achieve this look. Until next time, happy baking...

4 fabulous comments:

  1. Anonymous5/20/2008

    WOW that looks so cool and it looks good to.GOOD JOB

  2. Sally5/20/2008

    I agree this looks very cool.

  3. Sukran5/20/2008

    I love red velvet cake :)

  4. Yasmine10/18/2008

    that loos so cool! where can i get a steel bowl in that shape?


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