Mar 16, 2008


Mashi just means "to stuff" so anything can pretty much be mashi. I find anything I have in the fridge to do this when I have the time. It is such a great recipe that everyone always loves. I prefer to do potatoes, tomatoes, eggplants, zucchini's, onions and cabbage myself but their is many other things you can use. This is time consuming so make sure you have a lot of time and hey if you can get someone to help you prep that will be even better. Today when I was in the kitchen my husband asked me "I wonder what country came up with mashi"? Really who knows? I need to try to look into this but I know that all the countries have their on version of mashi. He then went on to tell me whoever did is a genius. Wow a genius people really like mashi huh? lol! So there you have it and you see how much this recipe is loved.

2 tomatoes (should be able to stand up and firm)
2 large potatoes
1 large onion
2 large Zucchini's
2 tablespoons garlic
2 (8 ounce) cans tomato sauce
2 cups basmati rice, cooked
1 pound lean ground beef or lamb
3 tablespoons mixed spice
salt to taste
pepper and tomatoes pieces for covers (optional)
1/2 cup pine nuts, toasted

1. Hollow out  vegetables being very careful not to poke the sides or bottoms.  You can use a special tool or just a butter knife as I do. Cut Zucchini's (keep insides) and potatoes in half, then core. Make a slice in the bottom so they sit up when you stand them. Cut around tomato core so that you preserve a lid, core the insides (keep insides). Take onion and cut top and bottom. Make one slice in the side so that when  the onion is peeled you have large rolls of each piece. Set these layers in a plate and cook in the microwave for one minute.

2. In an 8-inch skillet on medium heat brown beef (I use lean bc its not greasy and you do not have to drain) with the spice's, garlic,pine nuts and onions. After this is done put into the food processor so that it is very fine then add to rice mixture in a large bowl.

3. Next, Take tomato sauce, zucchini and tomato insides and blend in the processor. Set aside.
Preheat oven to 325 F.  Bake tomatoes in a small shallow baking dish because they do not need to cook as long as the rest. So you will need a small and a larger shallow baking dish. Pour some of sauce in the bottom of both. Fill all vegetables with meat and rice mix leaving room on top for the lids. Place pepper lids on potatoes for a great flavor and tomato lids on zucchinis. Place some of the mix in the onion leaves and roll. Place all vegetables into the baking dish (potatoes and tomatoes up and zucchinis and onions laying down) they go in. GENTLY pour remaining sauce in the pans.

4. Tomatoes should bake for 20 minutes and the rest for 1 hour and 15 minutes. Place remaining rice mix in a serving dish, add mashi on top. You can pour some sauce on the tops or place in a bowl for your guest to have as they want, your choice.
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