Saudi Champagne

In Saudi you will find this popular drink served at any nice restaurant. The taste of fresh juice and mint are a refreshing combination. Many people have different recipes but the most popular is this version served with orange, apple and mint.

1 bottle of sparkling white grape cider
1 orange, sliced
1 apple, sliced
fresh mint
crushed ice (if you would like)

1. Add 2 cubes of ice per glass then squeeze the juice of 1 orange slice, apple slice then pour cider. Serve (add mint for decoration on top)

Yields: 4 glasses per bottle

4 fabulous comments:

  1. Anjum9/07/2008

    its our fav drink ...i hav a diffrent way of making it.,i add moussy with 7 up...the rest is the same

  2. Kate / Kajal9/07/2008

    this looks nice. gr8 to have after Iftar. Will surly try this out.

  3. Salt N Turmeric9/08/2008

    that sounds yummy. i will def try this one soon.

  4. Yasmeen9/08/2008

    Ahh..looks thirst quenching after long days of Fasting :)


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